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Machines Plucked From Clock Tower Dreams

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April 14th, 2010

typ 09 1gr Machines Plucked From Clock Tower DreamsThere’s no point to write anything here. You know you’re going to click the jump just to see what these twisted crafts of machine demons are. I can’t believe you clicked. I must be some kind of persuasive eh?! But trust me. It’s worth it. Because these…“things” are so goddamn amazing. Cold because they’re machines but don’t they hold some sort of human likeliness? I think so. And besides all that gay crap these crafts are just so original and mesmerizing. Like a junkyard dog you know tearing the steel of cars to shredded rose pedals of the Mona Fucking Lisa. They seem to have been stolen from the lair of a mad scientist who lived in some long, grimy and twisted clock tower. That’s reason enough to love these beautiful monstrosities.

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