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Lunar Babies

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October 20th, 2009

giclee zodiac animals Lunar Babies

Living in NYC, I get this amazing opportunity to attend Street Fairs!  Streets fairs are the best thing ever.  The majority of items are really cheap and the street meat is de-lish!  But the thing that a frequent street fair goer notices is that everything’s the same at each one.  This past Sunday I came across a booth that I’d never seen before.  And it was the cutest thing I’ve ever discovered.  Check out what it is…

LUNAR BABIES!  The table was covered in the cutest animal designs.  It took me a second to realize that they all corresponded with the Chinese Zodiac.  (You know that place mat that everyone reads while eating at the local Chinese restaurant.)  I was overwhelmed with cuteness!  I’m not sure if it’s deemed, “so cute its sick” cause its just cute.  Each of these pictures are very simple but i think that’s the key to why it’s so cute!

These great designs come in greeting cards, infant onesies, magnets, tote bags and more!  (The onsies make for a great new baby gifts.)Unfortunately they ran out of my Chinese Zodiac tote bag.  (I’m a boar/pig.)  And i was so disappointed!  That piggy was so cute!

pig z Lunar Babies

As I was leaving the table the woman handed me a post card.  On it was the collection of the Zodiac (yay!) and the merchandise’s website!  I finally explored it and I LOVE all the designs.  The creator, Joyce Wan, provides more than just the Chinese zodiac.  Among other things, She’s written a children’s book featuring some of her characters, Kiwi and Pear a pair of adorable monkeys that go on adventures and have fun.  The illustrations are soooo amazing.  I mean really how can you dislike this????  I’ll leave it to you to search the site for yourself and purchase all the cuteness you want!  (and apparently these designs can be found all over the country at different locations.)

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