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LICHTFAKTOR aka Light Master

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May 10th, 2009

lichtfaktor1 585x390 LICHTFAKTOR aka Light Master

This a really cool and fun project that just about anyone can do with an adjustable exposure camera and lights.  The art comes from what kind of lights you use and how creative you can get with them.  Basically, you set the exposure to 1o-30 seconds, stand in front of the camera and write in the air with a light of your choice.  Or you can doodle:) You can use filters to adjust how much light and surroundings you want to incorporate into your image. Lichtfaktor is an awesome blend to two perfect ingredients…A photographer and VJ, VJ $ehvermögen, and a graffiti artist, JIAR.  The combined skills of these two guys creates these funky, funny, awesome pieces of light-art.  They recommend using flashlights, biking-lights, and flashing LED lights. These are all battery operated which allows you to be mobile.  Check out their entire gallery.

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