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Les Stone

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April 14th, 2009

stone 1 Les Stone

Years ago, I was flipping through an art magazine while I was waiting for the dye to set in my hair, and I came across some stunning photos of child soldiers in Liberia. At the time, I volunteered with a Liberian family with the Association for New Canadians, and I had been searching for information about the conflict with very little luck for some time. It was the first time that I came across so moving a documentation.

The photos were by a guy called Les Stone. At the time, I sent him a rather juvenile Email telling him outright that I found his work incredible. He replied that he only wished that I was the editor of a magazine wanting to hire him. I don’t know what’s happened to Stone since, but his website is still intact, still full of incredible photos documenting several world-altering global current events for anyone who cares to flip through them.

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