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LegoLand for Adults

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September 11th, 2009

lego1 LegoLand for Adults

James May, a British TV Co-Host  for the BBC’s  motoring program Top Gear, and award winning journalist, is building the world’s first 2 Story Lego House made from almost 816 million Lego blocks!

Complete with a Lego loo, bathtub, and giant bed, May says,” The idea came up first over a beer, when we were talking about what we would have built as kids, if we had enough Legos.”  Beginning the project August 1st, and with help from public volunteers, the house is set to be completed sometime this month.  The finished Lego House will be shown on James May’s new TV series, Toy Stories on BBC2 in late 2009.  The show aims to “celebrate Britain’s best loved toys on a massive scale” (Toy Stories welcome page).  May says, “For too long now we have regarded the great toys as mere playthings.  It’s time to use them to bring people together and achieve greatness.  And I bet it’ll be a right laugh as well.”

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