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Lay Your Fatty on a Patty

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March 30th, 2009

hamburger bed Lay Your Fatty on a Patty

The hamburger bed gives fatties everywhere license to dream. To dream of deliciously greasy fries, carbonated cokes, and sweet shakes, while sandwiched and swallowed in a cozy Cheeseburger Bed.

Kayla Kromer’s Hamburger (or cheeseburger) bed isn’t for sale, but the Texan creator gives a step by step on howto make your own here. Afterwards, you can become a fan of the Hamburger bed on facebook.

Or you can do nothing. But if you do one thing, let it be this; remember that “All cheeseburgers are also hamburgers; not all hamburgers are cheeseburgers.”

via Geekologie

  • admin

    damn this thing looks so good right now as i sit at work on a monday morning :(