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LAPP me up!

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August 19th, 2009

lapp 585x389 LAPP me up!

An unknown and otherworldly being beams into our universe.  Before it can materialize, a swat team surrounds the glowing orb.  They are ready for whatever may transpire.  At least that’s what my swirling thoughts envisioned when I saw this picture.  In actuality, it is the work of LAPP.

LAPP, created by Jan Wollert and Jorg Miedza,  stands for Light Art Performance Photography.  No digital art or juxtaposition is used here.   Picture a light show and then taking a picture of it using a long time bulb exposure.  As the shutter opens and closes, sensors and light movements are created while the background remains still.  The light performance creates an array of colors in an otherwise stationary photo.  Pretty nifty end result.

And all this time I thought aliens were taking over the universe.

via Flylyf

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