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Lana Sutra by Erik Ravelo

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September 23rd, 2011

Lana Sutra by Erik Ravelo for Benetton 1 600x399 585x389 Lana Sutra by Erik RaveloWhat you see here is the work of a young Cuban artist by the name of Erik Ravelo. “I’m a human being and I don’t believe in borders. I think the world belongs to everyone born on Earth. This is my planet, our planet. No man is an island. Yes, I was born on Cuba but, above all, I was born on Planet Earth. I like to think that Lana Sutra talks about universal love which cancels diversity.”

0 Lana Sutra by Erik Ravelo

The Lana Sutra is the result of Ravelo’s reflections on the meaning of Kamasutra (kama, pleasure;sutra, a thread which unites). Each installation is made of two plaster sculptures: two bodies embracing and covered in woollen threads in various colours, chosen from the key tonalities present in the United Colors of Benetton Fall-Winter collection, currently available in the stores. The points where the two entities meet and where the colours merge into each other, is yet again a way to symbolise how love can cancel differences and bind humanity as one. Check out his site for more of his cool work…

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