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Kazaky – Love

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March 23rd, 2011

1298285872 kazaky love 585x285 Kazaky   LoveKazaky emerged as a new Ukrainian group in 2010, consisting of four high heel wearing members who can put Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s dance skills to shame. Assembled by the very experienced choreographer and dancer Oleg Zhezhel, the hot homoerotic dance music videos Kazaky released so far have been a huge hit around the world. With about a million YouTube hits in the first week, these boys seem to be attracting attention from every angle, gay or straight. Keep an eye out for them, I have a feeling this is just a beginning…

0 Kazaky   Love
  • Wadestevens

    love these guys :)

  • Etoshoe


  • barracuda networks

    I love it!

  • Bebe

    like Ukrainian music

  • Stephen Franco

    Oh My! I wasn’t sure about this until my cousin pointed out that they say ‘you and you and Gareth Pugh’. Now, it’s awesome.

  • Johnfrivaldo69

    Awesome sound video! the beat, the dance step and the artist. It’s gonna be interesting for those person addicted in dancing. What a precisely lyrics! Completely salute to you kazaky.

  • Cecilia Hanna

    Love it!  Just bought Love on iTunes. :)

  • jatur

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