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Kanye disturbs MVA’s. My outrage is somehow less than overwhelming.

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September 16th, 2009

US VMA KANYE 20090913EV Kanye disturbs MVAs. My outrage is somehow less than overwhelming.So, by now you’ve all heard that Kanye West made an ass out of himself on (inter)national television. A public figure acting like a douche? I do believe I have the vapours.

A notoriously big mouth, West interrupted a speech by some country chick who resembles a female, singing, Macaulay Culkin to talk about how unbelievably awesome the person who is not one of Jay Z’s 99 problems is. Somehow, I couldn’t muster the energy to care, let alone be anything resembling pissed off. From what I know, the people who were genuinely upset fall into 4 categories.

1) Taylor Swift fans – You were unable to hear your idol thank her parents, God, her agent, Ghandi and everyone else she has ever been in contact with/drawn inspiration from. This would have droned on for at least a minute. If you feel genuinely deprived for having missed this, god help you.

2) Kanye West fans – You’re upset your idol made an ass out of himself. You’re a Kanye West fan. If this surprised you in the least, please make sure you are not bleeding from the cranium, because odds are, you have suffered a recent massive brain trauma.

3) Fans of pop culture – For gods sake, develop a sense of ironic detatchment. If this actually perturbed you, you are the kind of person who watches Jon & Kate Plus 8 with a full tub of Haagen Daas, silently cursing their shitty parenting skills. Nobody else cares, including Jon and Kate. Why do you?

4) Morons.

So there you have it. The most notable incident at a corporate event celebrating the best in mass produced pop culture. Just let me know the next time Fred Durst convinces Jimmy Page to join him onstage, so I have a valid reason to vomit in disgust.

0 Kanye disturbs MVAs. My outrage is somehow less than overwhelming.
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