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March 17th, 2009

julien k 585x271 Julien K

With the last decade’s proliferation of manufactured pop stars and the collapse of the music industry from illegal downloads, it has been rather difficult to find new and unique bands. At first the early 2000s produced a crop of young hipster bands from New York, which at the time were new and very different. The indie hipster scene has since quieted in New York and music seems to be firing up again in Los Angeles.

Enter Los Angeles based band Julien-K. Formed in 2003 by Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh of the platinum group Orgy, these true artists seek to be revolutionary and inspirational. With the lack of true rock stardom and authenticity of bands today, Julien-K certainly hearkens back to a different era with a completely new sound. Shuck and Derakh have continued the dark electronic tone that existed in Orgy within their new album Death to Analog. Mix in a smooth mix of strong yet melodic vocals and sex appeal and you have a winning combination.

Do check Julien-K and their new video for “Kick the Bass”.

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