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jruiter + studio design a bike cuter than your dog

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November 3rd, 2009

jruiter04 jruiter + studio design a bike cuter than your dogLiving in NYC, it could be tough getting around at times. The trains aren’t the most pleasant to ride in and the buses… Well forget about the buses. A Michigan based jruiter + studio design studio have come up with a concept for a bike that might just attract some metro riders. “We re-thought everything two-wheeled, with simplicity in mind,” says Joey Ruiter of jruiter + studio. Indeed it is, but I am pretty sure it will get you  from point A to point B faster than the public transportation. I’d definitely consider it, if it ever makes it to the production line.

  • grant

    i love innovation and experimentation, but look at how far behind the “ass” the pedals are placed. not to mention the crank arm length is retarded short, the bike would be impossible to ride comfortably.