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Josh Keyes and his green thumb

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April 15th, 2009

np scorch09 600x445 539x400 Josh Keyes and his green thumb

Although Josh Keyes has been painting for decades, it seems as though his body of work was meant for the here and now and expresses an alarmingly accurate message about the battle of man vs. nature. Incredibly, skilled and detailed, his paintings all follow a common thread in both structure and theme. All deal with the same type of illustration coupled with an isolated block of space up against a white background. Some are completely grounded in reality while others take on a fantastical element. Some deal primarily with relationships in nature, others incorporate man-made technology and monuments that generally either interrupt the natural setting or are seen as graffiti-ed, sullied versions of their original form. From this comes a body of work that speaks of destruction- in some cases it is a destruction we have already seen thanks to the effects of global warming- in others it serves as a warning of what still might come.

via Flylyf