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Joining bloodied hands

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April 18th, 2009

It’s usually a cliche to say “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  Not so in the latest, typically gritty documentary by Miami-based rakontur studios, “Dawg Fight.”

Chronicling the lives of participants in a no-holds-barred, not-so-underground fight club somewhere in the southern United States, the film is creating buzz for its depictions of graphic violence.  And while the content may strike the casual observer as senseless, there is more to “Dawg Fight” than just bloody knuckles. 

In interviews with, among others, famed street fighter and club founder Kimbo Slice, the film reveals the travails and motivations of people to whom savagery and survival is the only reality in their low-income, high body-count community ravaged by poverty, crime and violence.  The gruesomeness of the spectacle is augmented by the unequivocal support of the fighters’ family, friends, and opponents.  However it is precisely because these staged confrontations offer a low-mortality alternative to gun violence and death, as well as a valuable cash prize to each winner, that they are so welcomed by the community.

Ultimately, the film should offer a window into a world – that’s hard to look at and easy to ignore – and show the humanity that resides there.  If for no other reason, “Dawg Fight” may indeed be worth watching.

Via Our Kitchen Sink.

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