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Jet Bikes, Burnt Legs: Nurio Fujikawa’s Speedster

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April 28th, 2009

fujikawa1 Jet Bikes, Burnt Legs: Nurio Fujikawas Speedster

I still haven’t seen the Wachowski brother’s take on Speed Racer yet, and I know that for some people that’s a crime of high movie treason.  After all, The Matrix might have been the most important science fiction movie since Star Wars, and as for the rest of the trilogy and those of you who are still mad about the way the trilogy ended, here’s a bit of advice for you:  in stories about a guy nicknamed The One, chances are overwhelming that he has to die.  An unmartyred Messiah can’t really be a Messiah, now can he?  But Speed Racer. . . .  I never really liked the cartoon in reruns and am not old enough to think that old anime still looks cool.  In fact, most of the people in early anime look as if they’re either passed out drunk or too easily surprised to me.  I get he sense that designer and motor enthusiast Norio Fujikawa feels the same way, and God Bless him.

That’s not to say I’m not a fan of the concept of flying cars though.  I really do hate traffic and wouldn’t mind the idea of zipping through SUV after SUV on a bike so fast it levitates.  Most of the times I’ve seen jet-powered bikes, they were cumbersome, crazy-looking machines that seems as if one ride on them would blow the legs off of anyone who decided to ride it.  In most cases of the videos I’ve seen of jet-powered bikes, the legs were out of sight right along with the bike. I couldn’t find one of this bike in the field, but my guess is that it’d make the Mach 3 look pretty outdated.  I mean, wheels?  They would just slow this thing down.

Via Fubiz