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Jeremy Keeps it Too Real!

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AE Paulino
November 19th, 2009

05 399x400 Jeremy Keeps it Too Real!

So I was on Jeremy Geddes’ blog and…

Uh…Yea, well…I didn’t know if this was a painting or not. I mean, Jeremy Geddes is a fantastic painter; tone, light, texture, and depth, he’s a spider and those are his flies, and the man catches a lot of flies!

Why then, would I assume this was perhaps, a picture of the sculpture of a man hanging on a staircase wall? Its just that good!

Of course, then I noticed Jeremy added close-up detail of the painting (a day or two after). But then, the fact that he referred to the piece as, the final Cafe painting ought to have made one of the few remaining light bulbs flicker on in my head.

I should know better. Its not as if I’ve only now just heard of the guy; its not like Jeremy hasn’t provided me with enough basis for faith. I’ve been a true believer, or have tried…but he just gets that much better than himself.

If you’ve never done so, visit his site and give yourself a good “going over” on account of how stunning those flies look on his web.

PS There is Glory in our Failure.

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