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Jeremy Geddes thinks something’s wrong with his liver…

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September 19th, 2009

jeremy geddes 6 282x400 Jeremy Geddes thinks somethings wrong with his liver...

In Jeremy Geddes’ case, self-reflection is left to the unconscious, to manifest as it will on the canvas.  No, the Brooklyn painter’s process more closely resembles a vigorous self-examination, which I imagine going something like:

Patient Jeremy:  My liver’s killing me, Doc.
Dr. Geddes:  Put you paint so well, sonny boy. Cigarette?
Patient Jeremy:  It’s true.  Yes please! (Doc lights his cigarette) I painted myself playing video games on the couch, and it was fucking brilliant!
Dr. Geddes:  You’re quite the specimen, sure. *sound of ice cubes in glass*
Patient Jeremy:  But really, Doc, is there anything I can do about this pain?  It feels like Camilla Parker Bowles is chewing her way out of me.
Dr. Geddes:  Sweet Jesus!  That’s a damn shame, sonny boy.  I think more observation is called for – scotch still your drink?
Patient Jeremy:  Just pour me a double and shut the fuck up, Doc.

To see what I mean, check out more of Jeremy’s captivating work.  And pour yourself a double while you’re at it – we’re all gonna need one.

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