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Je Me Souviens

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April 10th, 2009

souvenir 8 Je Me Souviens

Presenting the genius that is Michael Hughes: photographer, family man, and souvenir collector extraordinaire! I wanted to post more of his pics, but the ones found on his flickr page didn’t copy well, so go directly to the site…the Don Quixote is my fave!!

Michael Hughes is a 57-year-old London-born photographer who travels the world in search of souvenirs that he later traces back to the real deal, adopting a position at a distance from famous scenes and landscapes and photographing the figurines in the place of real monuments. I’m not sure that really made sense, but you get the point by looking at the pics. Read his bio here.

It’s an ingenius project that has taken the photog across the globe in search of famous sites to fit his souvenirs. Most of my souvenirs are keychains and magnets that have sand in them. I’m not sure how I could make a neat photo out of that, but I’ll certainly try. And then I will hear the booming voice of Michael Hughes above my head, saying, “What now, fool? Dare you try to imitate true art? You are nothing, and will amount to nothing. You are dismissed.” And I would just sit down in the sand and cry. Why Michael Hughes, why? I just wanted to take the pretty pictures.

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