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Je dit beau, mon homme

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April 22nd, 2009

ss08 u02 564x400 Je dit beau, mon homme

From Italian fashion outfit forme d’expression comes a collection of street-coloured styles, cut with a combination of 60′s beatnik and Dickensian pauper in mind.

The collection, while catered to a more metrosexual male, exudes masculinity nonetheless.  forme d’expression offers a refreshing perspective on male presentation, one that relies less on pretentious machismo and instead on elegance, comfort, and quiet confidence.

Their 2009 Autumn/Winter collection continues this trademark through a line of overcoats combined with under jackets and “artfully worn in coats and jeans.”  While it’s my humble opinion that I ought to earn the rips in my jeans, these fashions do score points for their prevailing authenticity, which one can vouch for having walked the streets of bohemian Montreal.

What’s more, this collection is proof that, thanks to flee markets and old standbys, fashion lines aren’t necessary to define a handsome man’s own style.

Via Selectism.