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James Jirat Patradoon-Comic Artist Extraordinaire

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August 15th, 2009

jirat james patradoon2 546x400 James Jirat Patradoon Comic Artist Extraordinaire

James Jirat Patradoon pumps out some juicy illustrations.  I learned quiet a bit after reading an interview with him.  He currently resides in Sydney and studied at the College of Fine Arts UNSW.  He credits large amounts of his talents to the simple fact that he watched too many cartoons and read too many comics growing up.  His fierce-ass illustrations look like Lichtenstein paintings and the X-Men characters combined.  When asked what character he would be if he joined the X-Men, he replied, Jamie Madrox- The Multiple Man, so that he could have a sweatshop of Jamies creating his illustrations while he sits on his couch delegating orders in between mouthfuls of Doritos.  That’s a beautiful image:)

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