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JAGUAR XF and XF S V6 Diesel

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January 2nd, 2009

As a kid the cars I wanted most were the Batmobile, KITT from “Knight Rider” and a Jag. Any Jag. Jags were these powerful yet elegant jungle cats on wheels gobbling up pavement and turning heads; also the hood ornament probably reminded me a little bit of the Thundercats. In the time since my grade school days Jaguar’s public standing and sales figures have taken a bit of a hit. The hopes are that new XF can change the brand’s fortunes.
jaguar xf 12 JAGUAR XF and XF S V6 Diesel

The XF first came to my attention after reading Braden Phillips‘s article in the New York Times. More recently I got some details on the diesel version of the car at and have come away both hopeful and expectant. And since none of you got me that McLaren I was angling for I think this would make a great make up present. Liquid silver metallic finish, please.

  • helda

    the vehicle is cool