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It’s nice to be Ruud to people

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May 22nd, 2009

24 01 2008 0733235001201191526 ruud baan Its nice to be Ruud to people

I am going to marry Ruud Baan just because of this photograph. I lovesit! Rapunzel, you’s an impostor!

The Dutch-born photographer has such a vast array of themed pictures and advertisements that I cannot begin to explain his style. I decided that he mostly likes capturing people in motion, but I’m no expert, y’all. He has dabbled in the art of photographing ladies in the water, as seems to be the trend nowadays. He also sexified this theme by photographing male ballerinas, also in water, which I think makes it so much cooler. He has shot ads for Puma, Nike, Adidas, and Marriott Hotels. Wasn’t the last one so random?

Ruud Baan’s photography is not meant to merely be viewed, ladies and gentlemen, it is meant to be experienced. Much of his work can be experienced by visiting his website, as well as by buying some Nike or Adidas clothes and then trying to pose like the models in the photos. But don’t be fooled, gents, one should not jump into a pool naked in an effort to capture the moment. You are no male ballerina, sir, so kindly exit the kiddie pool.

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