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It’s a SiLver sKY World

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April 21st, 2010

silver sky mirrorman 04 299x400 Its a SiLver sKY WorldMy favourite of SiLver sKY’s photographs is the Mysterious Man photo in which Mirror Man appears to be walking overhead with a beam of light reflecting from his hand. He’s intimidating and awe-striking (yes, I can make up words if I want to, as long as I add a dash) all at once. He’s this shiny mirrored man who makes me wonder at him and think about myself as reflected on him (is he a reflection on mankind and our society of narcissism? Is he a comment on our obsession with our own reflections? Is he just this guy who’s kind of full of himself but shy at the same time and wants some attention?)

Another of SiLver sKY’s photographs that strikes me is “Steel Reserve”; my husband is a fighter so artistically rendered images of fighters always catch my eye. I like to see them as an invitation to see both the soft and hard sides of these fighters because not everyone can see through the violent side of a fighter; it seems though that “Steel Reserve” is only the hard, tough side of SiLver sKY’s friend. However, I love the grainy texture of the photo; it brings to mind gritty roughness, completely the atmosphere of MMA smokers.

SiLver sKY doesn’t seem to be tucked neatly into one type of photography. He’s not a photographer of just people or just things or just…anything. He takes beautiful and interesting photographs of things you can sit and talk about, right down to his wife on their wedding day. He plays with colour and texture, capturing my eye and keeping it trained on his work, wanting more. His love of his friends and family and his art shines through and makes me smile.

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