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Iran Demands Change!

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June 16th, 2009

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Can’t say I am a big fan of Iran, I always wondered how long will these people suffer under such off the wall government? According to these pictures and the latest events surrounding the presidential elections, seems like the Iranian people have suffered enough. Seen as the biggest riots since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, supporters of reform candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, upset at their announced loss and suspicions of voter fraud, took to the streets both peacefully and, in some cases, violently to vent their frustrations.

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Iranian security forces and hardline volunteer militia members responded with force and arrests, attempting to stamp out the protests which in some cases turned violent and deadly. The pictures below are simply astounding, they are harsh, unforgiving and real. Each of these pictures tell a story, one I sympathize with and happy not to be a part of.


  • AdamK

    Absolutely incredible. I don’t know much about this Moussavi, but my girlfriend, who is an Iranian-Canadian, likes him a lot. I hope the people of Iran can take strength from the successful (and mostly peaceful) Orange Revolution in Ukraine. It’s time for this piece of scum to go, along with the mullahs who are actually in charge of the country.

  • Clarissa Sroczynski

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