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Introducing… The iPhone Killer

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April 20th, 2009

pomegranate phone open dl 585x365 Introducing... The iPhone KillerIt’s fairly rare when you find a device that suits all your needs… Even though my iPhone comes close, still there are things its missing. Well the wait is no longer, introducing Pomegranate Phone! A mobile phone that pretty much can do it all and more. A shaver, projector, coffee maker, harmonica and a global voice translator all in one. Finally we have reached a point in our technological breakthroughs when this is possible. The product is available right now for purchase from The Pomegranate Phone Website, I can wait to get one…

picture 25 585x287 Introducing... The iPhone Killer

Ok… I have to make a confession. This phone is not real. Instead it’s a very unique and clever advertisement for Nova Scotia. You have to check out the website, it’s actually pretty funny and at the same time amazing how much time and effort was put into building this project, making it very believable. Maybe in ten years or so we will see something like this on the market, but for now i’ll just still to my iPhone.