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July 29th, 2009

Hi there. My name is John. I’m a freelance copy editor who lives in Brooklyn with my lovely wife and our two cats, Bosco and Zeke. On our first date, the revelation of my wife’s genius at naming pets was one of the many things that ensured my desire for a second date. Single people looking for a mate, take note.

Like most of the writers here, my interests are broad and eclectic. One day I’ll be writing about a promising new artist, writer or band, and the next I’ll be considering creative folks whose time in the spotlight has passed but are worth a second look. And on some days I’ll be writing about strange personal obsessions like Japanese snack treats, the genius design of a certain company’s drum lugs, or 70′s horror films. You just don’t know what you’ll get, because usually, I won’t know either until I’m done writing it. No discovery for the writer, no discovery for the reader—isn’t that what the creative writing professors always told us? Fair enough. Let’s get our discover on, people.

  • Susan Moseley

    Great to hear your writing voice again! Love your point of view.