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Imitate At Your Own Risk

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July 8th, 2009

20415 585x3201 Imitate At Your Own Risk

Circle Square’s video for “Dancers” is where the music video meets the avant-garde.

This Joy Divisionesque trip through the dance-art continuum is as refreshing as it is impressive. Robert Longo’s iconic series, Men in the Cities, is brought to life in a way that few other works of modern art have ever been. Stylish, sexy, hypnotic, and astoundingly true to the original imagery, it is as if director Bienvenido Cruz found a hidden play button on Longo’s work and pressed it. Dancers Miles Farber, Vincent Noiseux, Julie Chapple, and Alison Denham also impress. Their vocabulary of movement is of a language that few are inventive or daring enough to speak.

Via Our Young Art and Boompa.

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