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I’m jealous

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August 21st, 2009


bluesmear Im jealous

So, I tried googling Richard Burbidge and it turns out that he doesn’t even have his own website :O how scandalous. Actually, I did find one, but I highly doubt that it concerns the Richard Burbidge in question. Just as I was beginning to think that this person was more like a unicorn– a creature of legends that no one has ever really seen before (much like a billion dollars: we all know it exists, but who the hell has ever been even remotely close to such affluence?)– my lightbulb went on and I solved the mystery. I typed in “Richard Burbidge + photography,”  and realized that his name is Burbridge, not Burbidge. I know, genius, right? But please, don’t be jealous. We can’t all be sleuths like me, but you can all be my Watsons.

I love, love his work– check out a random piece on him here. He has shot for tons of advertisements, and many well-known ones that I recognized while browsing his work. His shots are very varied and I like his close-up photos best because they show the awesome jobs that makeup artists do! I know, I can’t be objective about those pictures…TEAM MAKEUP!!! But seriously now, let’s have a moment of delight while perusing his work. Ok, that’s enough now. You may resume whatever it was you were doing before all of this admiring began, Watson.


via CyanaTrendland

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