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Ice Cream that Doesn’t Go Straight to Your Ass

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October 3rd, 2009

acid in the ice cream set 585x266 Ice Cream that Doesnt Go Straight to Your Ass

Acid in the Ice Cream was a solo exposition by artist Zach Johnsen that ran from December 4th, 2008 to January 4th, 2009 at Backspace Gallery in Portland. Unfortunately, seeing as how January 4th is quite a ways past, one should not rush to Oregon to catch a glimpse of this show, for ‘twould be in vain. But wipe your tears! There is no need to cry, for the entire work is available on Johnsen’s site and his prints are for sale!!

Johnsen is a presumably lactose-intolerant young artist who works with mixed media and whose visionary creations have graced clothing, sports equipment, and, oddly enough, furniture. I also gather that he must be a fan of Freud or Althusser, as he claims to see beyond what “people or visitors rarely see,” which either means that, like Edgar Allan Poe and Samuel Coleridge before him, he is a serious opium abuser, or he has broken through the barrier of ideological self-image and sees us as the ugly, goblin-like people that we truly are. Zach Johnsen, you are a charmer.
I really enjoy the images he has up online, as they seem to me a cross between that cracker commercial where the soup is exploding everywhere, the garbage pail kids, and Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman series of comic books. These are all things that are sexy to me.
Also, if ice cream really did have this effect, I personally feel that I would weigh at least 25lbs less, and so am thinking of marketing my own brand of ice cream called “I Scream When You Eat Ice Cream.” The concept is in its preliminary phases, and the title just a work in progress. I might call it, “Gelato Schiattando,” which means exploding ice cream in Italian, but in a more suave way, because it’s in the language of love.

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