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Rick Owens Destroyed Suede Boots

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January 9th, 2009

I usually have huge debates with myself before buying anything suede. At some point in the process of talking myself into whatever the item may be I visualize this horrible montage of everything suede I’ve ever owned and the untimely and ultimate ruin that followed, along with the looks of consternation and disbelief on the faces of dry cleaners and leather care professionals as they gave me the bad news. Suede simply is not a wearable fabric. Rick Owens has his own way around that.

rick owens destroyed suede boot 01 Rick Owens Destroyed Suede Boots

By f’ing your boots up in advance Mr.Owens saves you the worry over spilled drinks, scuff marks, overly strong gusts of wind and all the other ways in which suede can be injured or ruined.

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