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How to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to switch to an elastic waistband

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June 8th, 2009

dsc 0445b 265x400 How to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to switch to an elastic waistband

Sometimes, I feel bad when I’m really bored. I feel useless. But then I see things like the candy art created by every dentist’s nightmare, Craig Kanarick and my spirits are immediately lifted. He must have been bored, I think to myself, to have amassed all this candy and then photographed it, but look how pretty it is indeed! It’s like an orgy created in Wonka heaven…*sigh*

So here’s the deal. Kanarick is [I'm assuming] a photographer and [again, assuming] a digital artist who has taken the world’s love of candy to a new level. By photographing all kinds of candy acquired through his travels, as well as candy donated by friends, Kanarick has created a collage of sorts using various colours, textures, and, most importantly, FLAVOURS! His candy art is featured here and also in my heart. What I love most about these prints is the variety not only of colours but of textures as well. By placing the candy above light, one can appreciate the richness of colours and the various imperfections of each piece. No two bits of saccharine delight are truly alike, and this is what adds to their beauty. Maybe this is the pig in me talking, but I don’t think so.

Each photograph or collage creates an atmosphere totally dedicated to a single flavour, or a single type of candy. One can imagine being transported into Wonka’s chocolate factory and beholding countless delights before their eyes. And then stuffing their face until nausea ensues, because this is what always happens when you pork out on candy. But in this case, your fat ass can’t really indulge now, can it. I have to find these on display somewhere. I would just run up to one of the frames and start licking it, and say, “THE SNOZZBERRIES TASTE LIKE SNOZZBERRIES!!” and see how many people I would catch trying to taste the pictures when they think no one’s looking.

via Scene 360

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