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He’s simply Fabio-lous

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May 25th, 2009

uno backweb 200x400 Hes simply Fabio lous

Fabio Lattanzi Antinori is an Italian-born photographer currently residing in England. I guess he took that Arrivederci, Roma thing too seriously. He grew up in Rome, and his bio is one of the more interesting that I have read thus far. Since 1997, he has been, “focusing on the symbolic interpretation of reality, the rendering in images of the social and emotive universe of the individual.” This leads me to wonder what productive things I have done lately and how I decide to view the world. The answers are a) nothing;  and b) like a bitter loner who doesn’t care about the social and emotive universe of the individual. Now I just feel like a loser.

Behold some examples of his work below. I was personally a bit more impressed by the explanation of his concepts than the images themselves, but then again, what do I know about art? Actually, let me backpedal a second. Out of all the images that I’ve seen, the Athens Gemine Muse and Rojo Viaje collections are the ones that i liked best. The rest didn’t appeal to me visually, but I think they provided the most latent content, and if I had to write an essay about any one photograph, I think that any of Lattanzi’s works would provide ample opportunity for analysis. I realize that I often don’t make sense when trying to communicate a thought that’s rather well-developed in my mind, but that’s life. Also I’m a bit distracted coz it’s really warm outside and Tim Hortons is offering free iced coffee for a limited time. It’s really quite exciting *insert excited emoticon here*.

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