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Hayuk You Up

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June 24th, 2009

01 mayahayuk cologne jpg 566x400 Hayuk You Up

I feel like I’m on an acid trip.  But it’s a good trip.  Maya Hayuk uses every color in the spectrum and I like it.  Many of her paintings illustrate a blend of architectural shapes and bright, orgasmic colors that could just about enlighten the darkest pit imaginable.

Her Ukranian roots influence a lot of Hayuk’s paintings.  You may have seen her kaleidoscope of colors on the tops of a few decorative Sony laptops.  The process she uses to create such distinguishable pieces is attributed to improvisation.  After all, who can really plan on the sporadic-ness of color.  Check out Hayuk’s site to see more.

via LOUDreams

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