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Hamilton Khaki X-Mach Watch- What’s the Mach of Your Flight?

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March 30th, 2009

x mach 585x325 Hamilton Khaki X Mach Watch  Whats the Mach of Your Flight?

Have you ever been aboard a double deck aircraft, cramped in your coach seat with seven kids running around you, screaming, and old man smells coming from your neighbor, and you happen to ponder, “Hmmm I wonder what the Mach number is of this plane…” If you haven’t ever wondered this, it’s okay, cause neither have I.  However, if you have, there is a delightful little machine that will answer that for you. The Khaki X-Mach watch, by Hamilton.  This watch calculates an aircraft’s Mach number, which is the the speed the place is moving through the air divided by the speed of sound under the same atmospheric conditions.  It’s classy, sophisticated and priced around $1,700.

via Flylyf

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