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Gucci, Dior & Kris Van Assche Under Attack

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February 6th, 2009

0 Gucci, Dior & Kris Van Assche Under AttackA blogger wrote about the nearing death of Gucci, lol.  This is a video of Gucci’s Winter 09 line.  The design choices are somewhat mainstream, with bright vivid colors and patterns.  Perhaps Frida Giannini is trying to target a new demographic. One could find similar shirt designs at Topman, or Ben Sherman, or Gytha Mander(reference the thin collars and patterned shirts), but the dark blue fur coat, and the beautiful pin-dot skinny pant suits are truly gorgeous, and meet my Gucci Fierceness standards.

Dior Homme, another huge fashion house.  The artistic director is the young(32), and very talented, Kris Van Assche, I wrote a blog about him recently.  Kris is not only directing one of the leading fashion houses in the world, he is also managing his own house.  That is not exactly easy.  In fact, most designers just can’t do it, and wouldn’t, given the chance.  The six images below are some of his designs for Dior Homme. The line includes sophisticated looks with some traditional Dior essence and some are more casual, ie. gross, baggy, printed night-shirts, but still something I could expect from Dior.

The 6 images above are of Kris Van Assche’s own line.  They are cutting edge, new, and vulnerable designs, and to me, have very few similarities to his Dior line.  He is clearly taking more risks with his own line, which is a damn good choice.  The same blogger also wrote about the nearing death of Dior Homme, because of Kris Van Assche’s involvement.  I don’t know Kris personally,  but I do see the significant differences in his two lines and it’s obvious he is designing for Dior, and for Kris, not Dior Kris.  And as for using some of the models for both lines…A good model that isn’t a coke addict is hard to come by, and if these models are producing good shows, use them as much as you can Kris.  So in conclusion, I stick my tongue out to the ‘near death’ blogger.

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  • admin

    LOL Gucci Fierceness standards… Fierce… my new fav word

  • SomewhereBlue

    :) Lol, glad you like it