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Ghostly Jetsonian Future

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May 11th, 2009

cloak15 303x400 Ghostly Jetsonian FutureIf designer Katie Gallagher‘s Spring-Summer 2009 collection is any indication, the future’s climates will be gentle, and we will be living like ghostly Jetsons.

Gallagher’s past collections are full of elaborate, detailed constructions. She works with flesh colour, fur, and black – and this season, silvers and whites. Her past Spring-Summer collection was comprised of short, cropped corset-like jackets, heavy fur hoods, and revealing bodysuits.

This year, not much has changed. Insubstantial leggings with zippers winding in spirals down the legs and silky, flowy cropped jackets are back – this time, in pale shades of white, gray, and silver. Semi-transparent shirts that look ready to fall off at any moment and tearaway skin-tight pants make for an incredibly unwearable collection.

Although her collection is whimsical and phantom-like, and her constructions seem immaculate, Gallagher seems to have no concept of the realistic shape of the human body, or of what’s wearable this season. I would be surprised to see any of these duds hitting the streets of Manhattan this summer.

via Trendland