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Gersht fixes his gaze on flower galaxies

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October 25th, 2009

msg gerso 00010 300 376x400 Gersht fixes his gaze on flower galaxies

Tel Aviv’s Ori Gersht has put together numerous stunning collections of photography in his 15 year career.  Perhaps none moreso than “Blow Up,” his 2007 grouping of floral arrangements captured by super-high speed freeze frame photography as they are blown to botanical bits

“Flowers, which often symbolize peace, become victims of brutal terror, revealing an uneasy beauty in destruction.”  Gersht captures that beauty in a glimpse quicker than the blink of an eye, revealing unimaginable detail as what was arranged together is rended apart.  His work evokes visions of the Big Bang, or Hubble photos of nebulous, billowing galaxies.

Certainly the creative act is typically seen as a unifying one.  Indeed, it’s what’s brought Artistic Things together with countless other constellations of artists and their creations.  In Ori Gersht’s case, while here we all are observing his creations, one gets the sense that as congealed as one’s being is, as united as a community or connected as a race may be, there exists at every moment a fragmentation.

The influence one has on another passes on to unconscious thousands of others; the harsh touch or loving caress I give is felt through infinite breathing joys and sadnesses.  Each was arranged before that briefest flash of combustion gave life to culture, to variance and interaction of disparate entities.  That I am alone is beyond evidence; that we are together is a terrible beauty not to be turned away from.

via LOUDreams.

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