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Gary Fernandez

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March 7th, 2011

Leisure WildHorses 585x365 Gary FernandezIt starts out as a pasture filled with wild flowers and horses…

That is until Gary Fernandez lays eyes on it.

Fernandez transforms the environment, taking the beauty of the world as we know it — nature, birds — femininity, and turns the scene into a world of his own. And while there really isn’t succinct way to describe the illustrations, think M.C. Escher combined with a trip to Alice’s Wonderland via Tim Burton’s brain– Visiting the other-worldly as a brief escape into a land far far away… And then there is the artist. A man from Spain who illustrates without an agenda other than the evolution of things he loves, along with experiences that he’s had.

A great deal of imaginative flair added to reality which, in turn, generates visions that are complicated and yet uniquely simple. Gary Fernandez has been drawing and illustrating his entire life — from large canvases to moleskin notebooks. He also owns a  T-Shirt label, VelvetBanana (founded at the end of 2005) as well as a portfolio of big brand-named clients such as Coca Cola, Volkswagen, Camel and Nokia… So while Fernandez is busy illustrating the world in his own way, we can all look forward to enjoying his (well-funded) visions for years to come.