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Fury Unleashed

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January 22nd, 2009

hondafury Fury Unleashed

Things I only thought of doing in my early twenties as well as a lot of things I never thought of doing have become increasingly commonplace for me now. A houseboat probably lurks somewhere in my future along with a string of ex-wives and B-list actress girlfriends and paternity suits— but those are my forties. For the moment a motorcycle lists among my present fixations. The Honda Fury in particular has caught my eye.

I’ve seen the bike on a couple of websites, read the stats and pictured all the fantasy scenarios that have me taking to the highway in search of some adventure or nothingness or whatever it is that may be my mood. And that more so than anything is what I like about the Honda Fury, it sparks the imagination and provides a sense of something wild and powerful— an abstraction from the everyday. It’s both classic and modern, capable of being part of the office workers weekend escapist fantasies or the faithful steed of a full-time motorcyclist.

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