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Furniture for the Vondelpark in Amsterdam

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February 28th, 2009

vondel lamp birds sq 400x400 Furniture for the Vondelpark in AmsterdamAfter 2010, Vondelpark in Amsterdam will have new outdoor lighting and furniture.  Landscape architect Anouk Vogel and architect Johan Selbing entered a contest(in 2007) to submit new design ideas for the park.  The park is hugely popular with ten million visitors per year, it’s also extremely old, dating back to 1877.  The contest was intended to unify the parks furnishings.   Their entry called Vondel Verses won the competition, beating out 79 other entries.  It includes new lightposts, benches, and kiosks, all made of cast iron and painted black.  The design also called for eventual water fountains, litter baskets, and signage in the same cast iron-bird infused designs.