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Friday the 13th Launch of Witches

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March 18th, 2009

witches13 425x400 Friday the 13th Launch of Witches

LA Fashion Week used to be considered the silly half twit kid sister of elegant and glamorous NY Fashion Week, but in today’s economy truths are bound to change.  LA Fashion Week included the fantastical and gothic Friday the 13th launch of Witches, a collection by Lauren Alexander and Gabby Applegate.  Having notoriety from past Los Angeles based design projects, the duo brought in an impressive celebrity roster of guests for their over the top event at the infamous Chateau Marmont.  More impressive however was the debut fall 2009 collection itself, for both the beauty of the clothes and their theatrical presentation.  The designers forwent a runway in favor of lovely carpeted scenes and sets in which models relaxed and enjoyed the festivities, the show and the guests intermingling.  Life imitating art and vice versa.  The actual clothing consisted only of the necessary avant-goth materials velvet, lace, silk, and spandex.  Shockingly the collection will be priced between $200-400, prices which many a modern witch can aspire to afford.  No word yet on where this surprising and well received collection will be sold, but considering the celebrity response and Chateau Marmont locale, it is safe to say high end Los Angeles boutiques will snap up every last dark piece.


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