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Franco Recchia makes art for the nerds

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December 6th, 2010

AKDDC26F33 D31F 4C9F AB59 1E2106EDD68F Franco Recchia makes art for the nerdsThere is clearly very little shortage of art being fused together with technology these days, but the way Franco Recchia does inspired me to write about it. Using old computer parts such as mother boards and sound cards Franco builds miniature cities that we are all familiar with. Recchia seeks in his sculptures to bring dignity to the process of modern creation, to highlight how every product produced by human hands contains talent, imagination and great beauty, and ultimately stems from the vast reservoir of human experience of which we are all a part. His sculptures are indeed a testament to what is beautiful, elegant and functional in the modern object, and are a tribute to the aptitude and passion that are our inheritance. I’d love to have one of these sculpture in my computer cave, it’s affordable and by that I mean if you have a couple of thousands of dollars to dish out. I don’t, but if you do, get it and invite me over.

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