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Foster the People Shoot Schools

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June 27th, 2011

Foster+the+People+Remember+Who+You+Are1 434x400 Foster the People Shoot Schools


“Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People is one of those songs with duality. The rhythm: a mellow slice of vanilla-and-lavender-sun-nirvana is accompanied by lyrics of bullets flying through school hallways.

It seems to be the best driving song. Stuck in cruise with a head empty of thought but full of worldly appreciation; you can listen to it and feel as if everything clicks into place. But once you pay close attention you feel almost guilty for your initial reaction and sentiment to the song. Verses mimicking moments of Dawson College and Columbine bring to you a reality that is pushed far back into the nether regions of the mind.

The song is wonderful even with a very dark undertone. Without looking too into such a thing it’s fun and important to see the duality of the world around us; that there is a strange complacency in blended opposites or that both are symbiosis painted.

I see someone walking on burgundy train tracks in a pale sunset. An unlit cigarette between lips and a silver revolver glimmering in hand, spinning every moment or so with stained green and yellow kicks. Walking rhythmically on burgundy train tracks while blurry visions of birds slice through the sky before swooping down, curving up and successful in getting away.

Place your imaginations in the box.

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