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Forecast for Snow…

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May 26th, 2009

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The UK’s Holly Jazz Lowe says that one of her favorite things to do is combining wonky musical genres. It makes her band, Like A Thief, a little hard to describe. She is at once pop artist, singer/songwriter, indie rocker – whatever label you put on her, she just released a new single on MySpace, just in time for summer: Forecast for Snow.

I’m here to tell you that this girl’s a charmer. Bright and beautiful, poet and partier, she can often be found at pubs, on stages, or at parties throughout England singing her dear little heart out. She’s got a big voice for a little body, and it has the power to carry you away.

She’s spending some time in studios these days, having just finished up a little solo tour. You can hear about that through her video blogs, while you listen to the new song. Partially inspired by Luke Kennard, Lowe says that the song is about “chapter-closers.” But while you’re doing all of that, be careful! This girl is like a thief, after all – she’s likely to steal your heart and make away with it.

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