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For those completely incapable of rocking, I salute you

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August 28th, 2009

gunns For those completely incapable of rocking, I salute youA few months back, I discovered a hidden gem of a tv series. This show had a number of things working against it; it’s about a farce about a rock band (too small a demographic), it’s extremely low budget (the show generally looks like something you or I would make with a cell phone camera), it has only one season which ran on a little watched channel (the Independent Film Channel), and worst of all, it was Canadian. I watched every episode back to back, and I freaking loved it. Let me tell you about the greatest shitty band ever; Cock’d Gunns.

Cock’d Gunns are alternative rock’s answer to Spinal Tap. Incompetent, witless, completely untethered to any identifiable sound (or melody). The band consists of Reggie and Dick Van Gunn on guitar/vocals and bass, respectively, along with “drummer”/financier Barry Ciccarelli. Unfortunately, Reggie is a hack of a songwriter, Barry has no idea how to percuss (though he does have several years of tap dancing under his belt), and Dick is so entranced by his girlfriend Annie, that he can’t  quite keep his head in the game. They are led by clueless manager/soccer coach Keith Horvak, who is committed, by hook or by crook, to get the band a record deal, if only to prove his wife wrong.

The jokes are juvenile, the songs lousy, the twists ridiculous. Despite this, Cock’d Gunns (the band) do have heart. You can’t help but admire the persistence of these four shmucks, as they struggle to plan a “2 day cross Canada tour” (a tour that would take them from Toronto to Niagra Falls. U2′s ZooTV, it ain’t), deal with egos that grow unabated, and finally find that the only thing they really need, is each other. Cock’d Gunns (the show) is, like it’s bastard step father ‘This is Spinal Tap!’ disquietingly close to what life is really like in a rock band. The show is funny not because it’s outlandish, but because it hits eerily close to home. This is must see television for anybody who has ever had to suffer in the back of a smelly van, wedged between a guitar cabinet and a drummer with major hygiene issues. Check out this clip to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

0 For those completely incapable of rocking, I salute you
  • elissa

    very funny!! Who would’a thought?

  • Barry

    Yo dude

    I can percuss better now.



  • Barry

    Bro! U forgot to mention u can watch the show online !

    Thanks for da luv…


  • AdamK

    Oh man, if that’s the real Barry, my week has just been made.

  • Barry

    It’s da real Barry bro! I didn’t know there wuz a fake one. He’s dead if I find him.

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