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Follow-Up: Duym on Photo Weaving

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March 31st, 2009
0 Follow Up: Duym on Photo Weaving

In an earlier post, I wrote about Todd Duym‘s experiments with photo weaving in a recent exhibition at grace-gallery in Vancouver, BC. Then, I asked Duym what he had to say about the technique. Duym told me that when he first began exhibiting his photos in public, he was criticized for his “photoshopped” images, although his photos were all real, manipulated by hand using chemical processes and exposure techniques. This criticism showed him, however, that the face of photography is changing at the hands of Photoshop and flickr, and he had to find new ways to win the same status and respect for his photography work that paintings and sculptures get practically by default in galleries. It began with a book on Lucas Samaras, a Greek-born American photographer, born in 1936, and his series of photographs, “Split.” It inspired Duym, who was not a traditionally-trained artist or photographer, to start manipulating his prints. And as with anything, he started small, and out of it grew his new exhibit of “weaves,” as he calls them. “After a year and half of weaving, my understanding of the technique has evolved and is going in a direction. I’m really enjoying this creative adventure,” he said. “It’s all new to me.”

0 Follow Up: Duym on Photo Weaving In an earlier post, I wrote about Todd',description:'0 Follow Up: Duym on Photo Weaving In an earlier post, I wrote about Todd'})">
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