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Dream Theater – Black Clouds & Silver Linings

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July 8th, 2009

dq3mnr 533x400 Dream Theater   Black Clouds & Silver Linings

Progressive metal veterans Dream Theater are at it again… Black Clouds & Silver Linings is the tenth studio album of the progressive metal band, the band commenced work on the album in October of last year. Amazingly less than a year later they are done with it. The first single off the album is The Rite of Passage, you can see the official video after the jump. The album was produced by drummer Mike Portnoy and guitarist John Petrucci, and mixed by Paul Northfield. The album debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200 selling 40,285 copies. It was the first time in the band’s history that they have cracked the Top 10 on that chart, and is currently the bands highest single week sales of an album. The album also debuted at #1 on Billboard Top Internet Albums, and #2 on Billboard Top Rock Albums.

I suggest you check them out at a venue near you, their shows are simply amazing to watch. The musicianship these guys bring with them on stage is simply amazing.

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