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Don’t feel bad, other Robin Williams

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April 20th, 2009

partyhatweb 382x400 Dont feel bad, other Robin Williams

Robin Williams is a photographer. No, he wasn’t the Genie in Aladdin, or Mrs. Doubtfire. He takes pictures; focus, people. PIC-TURES. Mr. Aladdin, sir what will your pleasure be..let me take your order, jot it ain’t never had a friend like me! Try getting that out of your head..

Have some of column A, try all of column B..I’m in the mood to help you, dude!..You ain’t never had a friend like me! Ok, I’ll stop now. I luuuurve Aladdin. You know what else I luuuurve? The other Robin Williams’ paintings! I have never seen such realistic balloons :| You must check out this artist extraordinaire; his paintings range from genital-exposing tweens, to various characters surrounded by exquisitely-drawn balloons. I especially like the little hillbilly twins in camouflage t-shirts, complete with matching hick hair. Its so Dog the Bounty Hunter..normal blonde crewcuts, ruined by the little tail of hair protruding from the back of the head. So hawt.
Check out his work, it’s impressive in its ability to be simultaneously realistic and completely innovative. We’re friends now, but he doesn’t know it yet.

via LOUDreams

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