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Don’t believe the hype-Prince really does know how to share.

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August 25th, 2009

Prince++in+the+studio+1989 312x400 Dont believe the hype Prince really does know how to share.

You know what’s great about the interweb? Every question gets answered, sometimes with almost shocking ease. The other day, for instance, I was thinking, “Hmm. I wonder if I could find a list of songs that Prince has written or produced for other people?” And what do I find on the first page of search results?  The Top 10 Songs Produced Or Written By Prince, complete with streaming audio. No shit. Technology really is our friend.Some of these tracks rival songs that His Royal Badness recorded for himself; Bang Bang by former Revolution bassist Brown Mark is especially hot. Give the songs a listen here.

via OlympusMons

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    Check out “Love Sign” by Nona Gaye. HOT!!! Well…. that may not fit this category cuz it IS a duet. Then there’s “Standing at the Alter” by….forget her name, a white girl. Again….Prince is heard on the track…singing ALL backing vocals.