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Do the Carpets match the Drapes?

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October 22nd, 2009

betty ricky 566x400 Do the Carpets match the Drapes?

Isn’t that the age old (tired and over used) question?  Blond?  Brunette?  Fire Hydrant Red?  Neon Pink?  Well, there’s a new product that can fool anyone.   So now you won’t have to feel anxious the first time you show your goodies.  I discovered it while shopping at my local Ricky’s.

My first reaction after seeing this was…well… of shock and awe.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after the outbreak brazilians, landing strips and anal bleaching.  But are we really in an age where dying out pubic hair is necessary?  Well the evidence is right in front of me, so the answer must be yes.  I suppose there are women out there who need to get rid of their gray hair… and I respect that.  And I envy the boldness of women who go Malibu Blue or any other hyper color.  Of course, you would have to have hair down there….so loyal brazilians don’t get to join in the fun.  But apparently it aids in waxing…I don’t really know the specifics but that’s what the website states.

Betty is a new product sweeping the nation (and our privates.)  It’s fairly obvious that it’s target consumers are women; however, there are some men who use it to dye their chest hair!  The product is entirely safe, has a non drip formula, and uses natural ingredients.  After visiting the website I found even more products that are fun for every girl, like stencils (to shape your area) and nail polish to match your dye.

I’ll let you visit the website and get every single detail.  And then you can have your own reaction.  As for me, I’m still in awe.  And I’m quite curious…perhaps I’ll forgo my next salon appointment….maybe I’ll get Lucky. ;)

(Was that TMI?…oh well too bad…sorry I scarred you)

btw, i love how they’ve advertised this too…check out the gallery to see one of the ads.